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Jazlyn Ramos, M.S. , Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

We all have stories. Some stories we like to share because they bring up good feelings about who we are. Others not so much, because we are afraid that, that particular story, deep down, represents who we really are. That particular story(ies), evokes feelings of shame and fear and causes us to want to run and hide. Meanwhile, the person we are hiding and running from is ourselves. We begin to feel lost, out of control, unwanted. I believe that if we can own our stories, our stories won't own us. The challenge lies in who we trust with our story.

I will not force you, I will not try to change you, I will not try to fix you. That is not my job. My role in your life is to be a witness. As a witness, I will listen, be present, curious, and open. My main goal will be to establish a semblance of trust, as I know it is difficult to trust wholeheartedly.

Once that semblance of trust is there, I will journey with you toward that hidden story(ies) and explore with you what it all means. In the exploration, I hope and believe there will be freedom of voice and love toward yourself that will develop. Allow me to be your witness.

To contact me directly call 321-345-1968 or email me at